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The HoneyMOON In Evanston.

Evanston has much to offer. Big trees lake front art fairs world music, red brick garden walks climbing roses, well heeled picture book, soccer mom station wagon proud parents, shopping chain parking meter caffeine, international big brain tax base movie … Continue reading

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More Flights Take You Farther.

As the glaciers recede and mammoth brands dwindle, new means of meeting our tribe’s needs must be found. So pack up your clovis points and head for Andersonville’s flourishing plains, where you’ll hit upon Jerry’s Sandwich Shop—who has created a … Continue reading

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Full Tilt at Half Acre.

Their beer tastes of frontier. The newsboys proclaim, “Gold has been discovered at Hopleaf”, and this news sweeps the city like O’Leary’s bovine fire brigade. Seven Half Acre barrels cracked. The pioneers pour in, forming a storming snake of a … Continue reading

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Berry Good Brews News.

To most Johns and Joans, Juniper berries say gin. But long before those crazy 17th century Niederlanders cooked up gin, Egyptians, Greeks, Eastern Indians, Romans, even Native Americans used juniper for anything and everything. Everything! Female contraception, ‘the Cure for … Continue reading

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Munster Monster.

Welcome to the Floyd. Which one is pink? Think again. These boys are RED hot at making cram-packed brews. Every square milliliter is chocked full of flavor and brimming with their unique take. I’ve been hitting Three Floyds since I was … Continue reading

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Repeat That Northern Beer Beat.

Sadly, summer is drawing to a close with frightening rapidity. So Hopkaiser and I joined forces with the spirit of Richard Crenna, and striking out from Chicago, made one last savage thrust into the heart of Wisconsin. Madison that is. … Continue reading

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Beer Strike.

HK and I went bowling last night. Settin’ ‘em up, knockin’ ‘em down. This particular game involves splitting and thoughtfully considering four ‘Beer Pins’ in four frames. The head pin consisted of Dogfish Head’s version of the mucho delicioso Saison du … Continue reading

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