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Love Birds.

Saturday was working on being warm. Without central AC, the nest was proving hot and humid, so I suggested to ma femme, that we make like the birds and get the flock out of there. Having just posted my POV … Continue reading

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Woodie Buzz.

Bringing The Lumber. Wood. Earth’s remarkable organic plastic material––a hard fibrous substance consisting primarily of xylem––that can be shaped, bent, carved, cut, curved, polished, petrified, shaved, sanded, harvested, dried and burnt to create heat for cooking and heating and producing … Continue reading

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Sun Block.

Hot town, summer in the city. The back of my neck has gotten dirty and gritty thanks to the SPF 100 sun block. Siting with a pint in an outdoor w/ only one umbrella––the people around us look hotter than … Continue reading

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Old McDonald Had A Few

Big Babies. Humans are the only adult animals that consume milk as a staple. And we’re the only animals that blanket the world with broadcast advertising––selling milk aggressively to adults––utilizing the most popular celebrity beasts of burden. Milk Is In … Continue reading

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Keep Climbing.

You Can See For Miles And Miles. The ‘West’ offers long views. Distances and open spaces that proffer vast western vistas which afford travelers the optics that reduce towering storm systems into objects that might be out raced. Miles and … Continue reading

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On Waldo Pond.

420 Louis. 420 was insider jargon once–but no more. Like Kudzu, the term found purchase–spreading cross-country and trans-globally. 420’s been hijacked and the story rewritten with the aptitude and artistry of the social will. Which is to say mangled by … Continue reading

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Drink ‘Em If You Got ‘Em.

Smokey The Beer. Hecho a mano. Born in Tampa. Its on the signage at Cigar City Brewing. Tampa’s history is enveloped in smoke–the earthen mulch aroma of the cigars that helped define the town. Annual production of hand-rolled cigars reached … Continue reading

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